MailArchiva V8 Due Shortly

MailArchiva V8 is scheduled for release sometime in late September 2020. This new major update includes features designed to enhance the usability of search and discovery.

It includes the following new capabilities:

  • Microsoft Teams – Synchronize Microsoft teams chats
  • Custom Date Format – End-user may set a precise time & date format for display of dates in search results
  • Smart Date Format – Choose a date format that is best for quick/concise reading
  • Custom Timezone – End-user may set a preferred time-zone for display of dates in search results
  • Body Tip – Preview body of email by hovering mouse over search result line
  • Column Resize – Resize search results columns (was difficult to achieve due to infinite scroll)
  • Modernize Search Toolbar – Search and reset button moved inside the search toolbar
  • Specify Email Address Format – End-user may set how they want email addresses to appear in search results
  • Search History – Search queries are saved in history, and are recalled automatically on by pressing down key in search bar
  • Persistent Search Table State – Search table state is preserved on exit of search page and restored on search page entry
  • Save Query On Blob Type Switch – Save/restore search query when switch between blob types
  • Icons In Tree View – Icons added to folders in tree view
  • Auto-Generate Let’s Encrypt Certificate – automatically generate Let’s Encrypt certificates for HTTPS usage
  • Auto-Complete – auto complete search query based on previously typed queries
  • Preserve Tree View – Preserve the state of tree view on exit/entry of search page

We hope you find these features beneficial, and we would be super interested to hear your thoughts on whether they hit the mark.


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